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Through our LCG Assessments Center, we administer, process and interpret numerous individual, team and organization assessments and surveys to provide you with insights that unlock growth.



LCG Organization Effectiveness Analysis
During this comprehensive analysis that focuses on your business, employees provide feedback through a confidential online survey about what is working well in your organization and what could be better. After reviewing this data, LCG conducts focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of key issues. Our interpretation of the aggregate information allows us to identify key levers for unlocking growth. As part of the process, LCG will partner with you to identify and prioritize initiatives to ensure success against these levers and are equipped to provide project management support if desired.

LCG Employee Engagement Analysis
The process for this analysis mirrors that of our LCG Organization Effectiveness Analysis, however the focus is on your employees and their experiences within the organization.

Custom Surveys
If you are interested in gathering specific information about your organization or your employees, enlist us to create customized surveys that meet your needs.


Individual & Team Assessments

LCG 360-Degree Insights
During this comprehensive process that focuses on the individual, LCG collects robust data through confidential online surveys and a series of one-on-one interviews with the individual, their boss, their peers and their direct reports (self-evaluations included). This holistic view provides valuable insights into the individual's strengths and potential blind spots. 

Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI)
This assessment evaluates and describes the degree of preference you have for each of the four Whole Brain® thinking styles. By understanding these preferences, you will unlock how you process information, make decisions, solve problems, learn and communicate. Leverage this assessment for individuals and teams.

DiSC® Reports
This assessment will measure your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness to help you better understand your working style and how you can build more effective working relationships. Leverage this assessment for individuals and teams.

16PF® Questionnaire
This assessment measures the 16 normal adult personality dimensions to identify personal qualities that influence behaviors in a work setting, such as problem-solving and interpersonal styles. Leverage this assessment for individuals.

TTI Trimetrix® Success Insights
With numerous variations, the TriMetrix suite helps profile your motivators and style of interacting with others, helping to engage employees, coach leaders and identify high-potential talent. Leverage this assessment for individuals and teams.

Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI)
This 360-degree assessment offers deep insight into how leaders view themselves, how others view them and the actions they can take to improve their effectiveness. Leverage this assessment for individuals.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
This model outlines the root causes of politics and dysfunction on teams and the keys to overcoming them. Using this tool helps us identify what dysfunctions are hindering your business and how we can remedy them. Leverage this assessment for teams.


Assessments Access

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