Carla Fugit
Senior Consultant

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Highly skilled at helping companies optimize human capital, Carla works with all layers of talent from senior leaders to the front line to align individuals and teams with the key accountabilities to achieve business outcomes. 

Having spent nearly twenty years in human resources, training and consulting, she brings corporate experience from working in a Fortune 50 company and diverse experience from working across multiple industries in consulting.

Carla’s specialization is talent strategy. Specifically through job fit analysis, job benchmarking, and psychometric assessments, helping to connect the right talent to the right job, and then identifying how to leverage an individual’s strengths or team strengths, based on the individual or team’s unique “wiring.”

Carla received a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Brigham Young University. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence and Vital Signs from Six Seconds, and is a Certified Behaviors Analyst, Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional EQ Analyst, Certified Professional Stages of Growth Strategist, and Certified in TriMetrix® HD by Target Training International.