People are at the heart of every business, which is why HR is so vital to the success of an organization. Our LCG consultants have extensive experience in helping companies realize effective and efficient HR processes, programs and practices. HR Transformation is where your people and your business strategy meet.

Are you or your organization experiencing:

  • Dysfunctional or inefficient HR processes?
  • Acquisition integration?
  • Stalled growth?
  • Employee dissatisfaction?
  • Retention issues?
  • Changes in industry dynamics or competitiveness?

What LCG will do:

  • Conduct a comprehensive HR Capabilities Assessment to help you identify areas of improvement or enhancement
  • Facilitate compensation, reward and benefit reviews to ensure that your company is and continues to be competitive within the market to attract and keep top talent
  • Create, administer and interpret customized employee satisfaction surveys to ensure that your people continue to perform and contribute to the success of your business
  • Develop training, learning and development strategies to ensure that your workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact within your company
  • Consult on competency development to help define skills, behaviors and attitudes that your people need to perform their roles effectively