OUR story

Larcen Consulting Group planted its roots during a time when Organizational Development was just beginning to gain recognition and credibility. With Dell Larcen at the helm, the business was founded by a team of professionals who were passionate about their belief that bringing insights from psychology to the business world would profoundly impact the success of businesses and business leaders.

Early in its life, LCG became a leader and preferred provider for many of Silicon Valley's most reputable and successful Venture Capital Firms. With its team of professionals, who had both educational qualifications in psychology and business experience as leaders within various markets and industries, LCG continued to evolve and began partnering with some of the world's premier brands and businesses.

As LCG continued to grow, they developed a reputation for being the firm that knew how to help companies evolve from one stage of a life cycle to the next; as well as identify, coach and develop leaders and teams that would help get them there.

With this growth also came an expansion of LCG's capabilities that went beyond traditional Organization Development and blossomed into a diagnostic, strategic and developmental process for a more holistic delivery of Organization Effectiveness.

Today, the impetus for LCG to continuing growing and deepening their capabilities is the opportunity to work with great companies and do great work. Consistently over time, our clients have called us back. We are proud to have clients who have been with us for over two decades and leaders who have taken us on their journey from company to company.

Help us continue to write our story. How can LCG help you on your journey?